Giulia Cattaneo, Archive Shelf (Student)

A collapsible shelf for the texts and research resources throughout my Fine Arts Honours projects, the form is reflective of the research I was following; an abstracted wave mimics the oscillation of the lulls and surges in thought, energy and light. Waves came to be a repetitive theme when attempting to look at vision and its perceptual processes. The piece is both a shelf and an artwork, as the pieces that are supported by it, also influenced its very design. Some materials are bought and others recycled, piano hinges at each ridge and crest allow the shelf to be collapsible, the long beam of wood is recycled Australian hardwood from Dunolly, Victoria. The concertina-like panels are cut from FSC certified eucalypt ply, and the finishes are Bio Whittle Wax and Evolution Matte Hardwax Oil.