Mathew Jackson, 9'1" Wooden Malibu (Student Awards 2019)

Western red cedar x paulownia 9'1" hollow core, single fin Malibu surfboard. The wooden Malibu I have made measures 9"1' x 22' 3/4 x 3' with a volume of 69.22 litres. The board consists of 124mm nose rocker and 72mm tail rocker with a V-shaped bottom contour. The material used to make the surfboard includes, 4mm Gaboon marine plywood, laser cut skeleton. The deck and base are laminated paulownia and western red cedar. The rails are made up of five laminations measuring 24mm, four of the five consist of 5mm paulownia with one of the five being 4mm western red cedar. The nose cone and tail block are made from western red cedar with an 8mm stripe of paulownia. Some of the features are: • a 10 inch single fin box, housing a 9 inch FCS II hatchet fin. • Gore-tex vent, (as the board is hollow, it will expand therefore requiring a vent) • Marine Varnish finish, 8 x coats each side I have selected and justified the marine varnish as I believe it is far superior, making the board substantially lighter than fibreglass. Using the marine varnish also allowed me to maintain the 100% self made milestone as I did not have to outsource the process of finishing the board to a fibreglasser. Year 12, Knox Grammar School, NSW. Teacher: John Parker