Register for our Sydney half day conference event by July 16 and go in the draw for a basket of 3M goodies worth over $500.

Some furniture add-ons should not be seen or heard.

Intensive training workshops can take your skills to another level.

Woodworker, teacher, brand ambassador and much more...Kerryn Carter is another of the inspiring speakers who will feature at AWR L!VE on August 21 in Sydney.

This year's Australian Woodturning Exhibition opens for viewing Friday June 16, 2017.

This video shows how, after all the hard work is done, the joint goes together.

Travel to France and a summer workshop program are now on the horizon for South Australian furniture designer and maker Jake Rollins.

With due care and permission, it’s possible to salvage beautiful and figured timber while exploring Australia’s inland regions, explains Pete McCurley.

Geoff's Hannah's newest masterpiece is now open for public viewing.

Just announced: a carving tool which promises versatile wood sculpting and texturing capabilities.

The second in a series introducing the inspiring speakers who will feature at AWR L!VE on August 21 in Sydney

Don't throw away what could be a future investment. Ironically the most expensive IKEA auction items today are almost always IKEA's flops.

An exhibition devoted to masterworks of Japanese bamboo art will soon go on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

An award scheme for emerging designers.

Now in its fourth year, Australian Wood Review's Student Awards creates an online platform for viewing and celebrating the achievements of younger woodworkers.