Mountain ash forest in south-eastern Australia will almost certainly collapse in the next 50 years, according to an assessment to be presented today, says Ecological Society of Australia.

Pam King and Jeff Phillips collaborated to produce three pieces that reflect a love of colour combined with the warmth and features of wood.

Australia will soon hold the record for the world’s tallest timber office building.

The name change is all about reinforcing the company’s commitment to implementing a clear consumer-focused strategy about the sustainability of certified Australian wood products.

Readers may now download at no cost and with no infringement to copyright laws a scanned copy of Cassells' Carpentry and Joinery by Paul N.Hasluck (1854-1931) in various digital formats.

The final tally was exceedingly close with several pieces being only a few votes apart.

Next year both intake and the number of courses on offer will increase at a Sydney school dedicated to teaching fine woodworking skills.

In 2018 a brand new independently run festival for woodworkers and wood lovers will run from October 17–21.

A new and exciting opportunity for designer makers to show their work in a high profile exhibition of fine woodworking.

This school has a reputation for being one of the best places around to learn woodworking.

Masterclasses by Des King in making Japanese kumiko and Jon Grant in Windsor chairmaking will take place in January 2018.

New Zealand offers one of the finest programs for students of furniture making in the world.

Harry Williams shows the making of the hall stand he made as part of his year 12 studies at Dulwich High School of Visual Art and Design, NSW.

Printed on canvas, Sandhya Porritt's macro images of snow gum bark become a reflection on the real life landscapes they seem to parallel.

This annual national woodworking competition focuses on the promotion of native timbers and sustainable use of timber resources.