Timbecon are offering workshops on dust collection setups and also a competition where you can enter your setup to win a prize.

Over 130 instruments dating from 1939 to 2017 played by some of the great legends of rock will soon go on the display in The Met Museum of Art in New York.

Hare & Forbes Machinery House are having a three-day sale in capital cities around Australia.

Get 8 issues of print and digital editions of Wood Review magazine plus a free Opinel No.8 folding knife.

Two exhibitions bring together artists who work in different media from across Australia.

All eyes turn to Brisbane as new Timber Tools & Artisan Shows prepare for blast off.

Mixed metaphors, but the message is clear: things are on the up.

Bill and Bruce Spencer's new outlet is all about meeting the needs of woodworkers like them.

Native specialty timber producer Branch 95 have opened a display centre in South Brisbane.

Dick Lynch's 320 page book on this iconic Australian brand sold out quickly after its initial publication in 2016.

A new exhibition of works featuring walka board paintings and woodcarvings by selected artists represented by Maruku Arts, Uluru NT.

A packed program of exhibitions, installations and talks at Mungo Scott Flour Mill will show why is it now more important than ever to value locally created products and collections.

This comprehensive guide covers everything from using, selecting and laying wood veneer, along with everything in-between.

David C. Roy's kinetic sculptures create mesmerising 3D geometric effects.