World's largest wooden clock finds a home in Nannup, WA

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Wooden clock parts made from jarrah and she-oak. (Photo: ABC South West: Kate Stephens)

‘I didn't start out to build the world’s largest wooden clock, it just worked out that way’, says Kevin Bird referring to how the mechanics of its parts determined the eventual size of the clock.

Kevin Bird's all wood clock has now been a fifteen year labour of love. As a former aircraft engineer Kevin had a good deal of technical know-how as the basis for his endeavour.

Until now the clock, made mainly of jarrah and over six metres in height, has resided in Kevin's shed in Nannup, Western Australia.

Due to an initiative of local business owner Heather Walford and her husband a tower was built in the main street of Nannup specifically to house the clock. The clock will be open to the public to visit.

For more information see an ABC report and a short video interview with Kevin.

Kevin Bird tower clock 


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