Woodworkers turn pens for the troops

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Mik Lawrence in his workshop. Photo: Gippsland Times

Mik Lawrence is one of a small group of pen turners that have banded together with a mission to provide handmade pens made from Australian timbers to Australian troops serving overseas. Recently just over 250 pens were sent to the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq to be given out on ANZAC Day.

After the pens were distributed a letter of thanks was received from a senior officer who thanked all those involved and said how pleased the troops were to receive support from home.

The group’s project is now ongoing and the plan is to send Pens for ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day every year. The initial goal for Remembrance Day is 500 pens, however there are hopes to send a pen to each of the more than 4500 troops stationed in various overseas postings.

Pen turners around Australia are now invited to help the group reach its goal. Donations of slimline/streamline pen kits would also be greatly appreciated as the group is currently self-funding the project.

For more details and to get involved email Mik at archeryaba@netspace.net.au

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