Welcome to a summary of the September 2015 print edition of Australia’s premier woodworking and woodcraft magazine.

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ON THE COVER – Wood Warrior: Morris Lake is passionate about trees and about preserving world forests. He explains why better species identification can help prevent illegal logging.

A Square Burl Box: Renowned UK furniture and toolmaker David Barron describes the processes and equipment he uses to make a beautiful suede-lined box with a red mallee burl lid.


Drawing and Fairing Curves: Damion Fauser talks about templates, jigs and many other ways to draw and cut curves, including how to make a jig for drawing perfect and variable ellipses.


Hand Worked Mouldings: Troy McDonald writes about traditional moulding planes: how to choose, tune and use them. For small jobs they still offer an efficient and versatile option.

The Shooting Board Project: Adrian Potter is a renowned Australian studio furniture maker who also teaches woodwork. He demonstrates basic skills that you can learn while making an essential jig. See him show how to use the jig on Wood Review TV (YouTube).

Aiming For Perfection: On a recent visit to the UK, Anton Gerner visited the furniture making business and woodworking school run by Oliver Waters and Will Acland and was super impressed by the results they achieve. Story includes an interview with past Australian student Keira James.

Bespoke is Back: Hipsters, not hippies are leading a new craft revival. Story includes profiles of Sydney makers Josh Pinkus and Nathaniel Grey, and also Fred Kimel, founder of online furniture brokerage Handkrafted.

CNC for Small-Scale Use, part 2: Stuart Lees tests the robust construction and performance of the Australian-made Torque CNC 9060.

Practical Dust Solutions: There are many low-cost ways to minimise dust in the workshop. Canadian woodworker Charles Mak shows how.

Rare Machines: For special jobs requiring exceptional accuracy, Vince Manna relies on his vintage and venerable Wadkins.

Safety and Performance: The remarkable safety feature of Sawstop tablesaws is widely known, but Damion Fauser’s review of the Professional 3HP focuses on its performance.

The Joy of Spoon Carving: Spoon carving is on the crest of a wave of popularity. Green wood can be easier to work and opens up design options for woodcarvers, writes West Australian woodworker Greg Miller.

DIY Veneer Press: For around $200, Darren Oates builds a stow-away setup for pressing large panels.

Coral Bowl: With inspiration from the sea, wood artist Neil Turner creates a delicate layered pattern on an open turned form.

Tested: MacFarlane Bowsander, Arbortech TURBOshaft, Plano vertical glue press, Woodpeckers Precision Router Lift V2 package, HNT Gordon moulding planes, Bosch GSR 18 VE-2-Li cordless drill.

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