ON THE COVER – Box Masterclass: Damion Fauser’s step-by-step tips on accurate cutting, assembly and more will help you take your boxmaking to the next level.

Student Awards 2014: A review of winning and selected entries by Wood Review Editor Linda Nathan.

Small Workshop Solutions: Troy McDonald’s recent workshop overhaul has loads of ideas on how to make even better use of the space you have.

Router Special: 8 Essential Cutters – choosing, using and maintaining the most-needed bits.

The Good Gloss: A review of the many uses of high gloss pour-on “glass” finishes. With usage tips by Iain Green.

Sassafras TV Stand: A project by Raf Nathan for a long and low cabinet for modern media with feature sliding doors.

Pink Ivory: Vince Manna travels to the source of one of the most beautiful and highly valued timber species in the world, pink ivorywood.

Tonewoods: What makes some species more suited to musical instrument making? Some scientific answers from Dr Jugo Ilic.

WA Collaboration: US wood artists Binh Pho and Jacques Vesery travel to Bunbury, West Australia to take part in a collaboration with local artists. Rob Jones reports.

Knife Block & Cutting Board: Woodworking Masterclass TV presenter Steve Hay demonstrates how to make an easy kitchen set.

Router Base Revolution: Raf Nathan takes MPower’s classy CRB7 base for a spin and reports on its effectiveness.

Sandpaper Specifics: Philip Ashley gets to the nitty gritty of modern abrasives.

Simplifying Spindles: Justin McCarthy turns his spillikins in sections and explains his method.

…plus product news and tool & machinery reviews.


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