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With the popular WoodSolutions face-to-face seminars, held all over Australia, no longer a practical option, Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) have turned to the growing medium of webinars to promote the benefits of using wood and wood products to the design and build sector.

Building on the popularity of WoodSolutions seminars (attended by thousands), trial webinars (871 viewers across three webinars) and Timber Talks podcasts (17,000 downloads), the webinars also benefit from the ability to engage with international speakers and panellists.

Run on the Zoom platform, many of the one hour webinars will have a panel or a Q&A opportunity after the main presentation.

“Out of adversity, there are sometimes opportunities,” said Eileen Newbury, FWPA”s National Marketing Manager and WoodSolutions Program Manager, “working in isolation people are more prepared to engage with more innovative communication channels such as webinars. We can now reach a broader audience with a single webinar than we could have hoped for at a seminar in one location.”

Planned to initially run every Tuesday at 11am, the webinars will cover a broad range of topics and presenters, planned to appeal to the widest possible audience. Some topics, will appeal to the broader supply chain.

“If you are not interested in this week’s topic, chances are you’ll find the next one riveting,” said Eileen, “and we’ve managed to liaise with leading professional organisations so that formal CPD points are available – this gives WoodSolutions webinars a real point of difference and provide another motive for attending.”

The first two webinar times and topics are: Tuesday 21 April 1100: An Introduction to Cost Management for Mid-rise Timber Projects and Tuesday 28 April 1100: Design Optimisation Using Parametric Design.

You can find more WoodSolutions Webinar topics and registration links in the Events section of the WoodSolutions website, where there’s also information about the Timber Talks podcasts. Like the webinars, there’s a topic for every audience and some of interest to all. This year’s first episode is a chat with Steve Mitchell about Environmental Product Declarations, you can listen on iTunes and Spotify.

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