Under the Bloodwood Tree

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Jeff Donne is one of Australian Wood Review’s much-loved contributors who has written stories on topics ranging from making stick chairs to spoon and puppet carving, all with a bias towards using native species and making the most of every tree.

As The Spoonsmith, Jeff travelled around Australia teaching his ‘treecraft’ and introducing many to the joys of sloyd and green woodworking.

Under the Bloodwood Tree is an evolution of his twenty odd years spent telling stories in ‘words and wood’. It’s a holistic approach that wraps up Jeff's whole life journey now distilled into instructional books and videos, young adult fiction, and learning opportunities and events for others to partake of.

Look out for Jeff Donne’s latest article on how to make drinking vessels from branch timbers in the issue 109 of Australian Wood Review, out November 23.

Photo: Robin Munn

Learn more at www.underthebloodwoodtree.com

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