• Andy Buck
    Andy Buck
  • Wine Cork Tables, Andy Buck
    Wine Cork Tables, Andy Buck
  • Rosewood side table by Andy Buck
    Rosewood side table by Andy Buck
  • Michael Fortune
    Michael Fortune
  • Stacking Tables by Michael Fortune.
    Stacking Tables by Michael Fortune.
  • Michael Fortune's studio.
    Michael Fortune's studio.
  • Carved headboard by Andy Buck.
    Carved headboard by Andy Buck.
  • Andy Buck, USA in his studio.
    Andy Buck, USA in his studio.

Wood Dust is pleased to announce a program of three day Woodworking Masterclasses at Dunstone Design in Queanbeyan.

Featuring two of North Americas most interesting contemporary furniture makers Michael Fortune and Andy Buck. These hands-on masterclasses will be intimate, challenging, highly informative and a lot of fun. Dunstone Design is a spacious, modern and professionally equipped workshop space located in the heart of Queanbeyan.

In a three day masterclass from Wednesday October 17 to Friday October 19, 2018, Michael Fortune will go through the design and construction process of building a piece of furniture with compound angles and without common woodwork joints. He will demonstrate the use of endo- and exo-skeletons to measure angles anywhere on a piece of furniture without doing any calculations or even knowing any numbers. Participants will learn an approach to working with curved elements on complex forms.

Teacher and mentor Michael C. Fortune is one of Canada’s most respected and creative contemporary furniture masters. Since his career began 42 years ago, Fortune has become acclaimed for his innovative but resolved designs for one-of-a-kind objects in wood, commissioned residential furnishings and items in limited editions.

From Wednesday 17th – Friday 19th October 2018 Andy Buck will host a three-day masterclass where participants will make a small table or stool and gain insight into developing a personal voice as they personalise their piece. They will learn a number of strategies for shaping, carving and finishing wood that includes traditional and non-traditional techniques.

Andy Buck is a furniture maker, sculptor and educator. Currently professor and program chair for the Furniture Design Program at the Rochester Institute of Technology, he has also taught at the Oregon College of Art & Craft. His work has been included in exhibitions at the Museum of Art & Design, Museum of Applied Art Frankfurt and the Boston Museum of Fine Art. His colourful work is included in many private and public collections.

Tickets and workshop details available online Feb 1, 2018.
Learn more at www.wooddustaustralia.com

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