Craig Thibodeau is a professional furniture maker in the USA who specialises in veneering and decorative inlay, as well as complex mechanical furniture. He has written articles on creating parquetry and marquetry patterns for Australian Wood Review.

Using veneer can be a bit daunting for the beginner. Study is needed to learn the art and help is here with this fantastic book. The Craft of Veneering is a comprehensive guide to veneering that covers everything from using, selecting and laying wood veneer, along with everything in-between.

In the early chapters the author introduces the material and the basic processes of working with it, outlining the tools, glues and substrates used. He then takes the beginner from creating simple panels through to advanced patterns, curved work, bent laminations, edgings and crossbandings.

Traditional and modern techniques including laser engraving and cutting are covered. Advanced processes include decorative veneer matchings such as radial sunbursts, along with detailed guides to creating parquetry and marquetry.

Throughout the book there are numerous photographs of furniture made by the author and also work by many other masters to both inspire and illustrate other styles. The latter include Australian makers Damion Fauser, Darren Fry, Gray Hawk and Peter Young. The gallery of work presented is almost enough to warrant buying the book.

Whether you want to veneer up a chessboard, a round radial matched top, or if you are looking to make high level marquetry and parquetry, this highly readable and well illustrated book has you covered.

Reviewed by Raf Nathan

Published by The Taunton Press, available from booksellers.
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