Author: Ian Kirby
Published by: Linden Publishing, USA
Published: 2006
Softcover, 150 x 230mm
Pages: 160
RRP: $21.99

This book was first published in 1998 but it arrived in a batch of books to review in January this year. It’s small, the layout is basic, the photos are black and white, and there’s older dude with a pony tail pictured doing the demos.

Look through this book and you’ll probably reach the same conclusion. The Accurate Table Saw – Simple Jigs and Safe Setups is a no-nonsense presentation of useful facts, techniques, advice, tips, warnings and fundamental know-how. There’s no window dressing, just useful stuff.

The book begins with a five page intro which is all about the danger of woodworking machinery. This is summarised into two components: hazards (eg sharp powered blades) and exposure (likelihood of contact). Kirby then outlines some of the responses to danger and strategies for achieving safety (later on the book discusses buying and making better guards).

The chapters that follow deal with accuracy, choosing, setting up and using a saw, sawblades and jigs. There is an overview of using tablesaws, and more chapters on processes such as ripping, crosscutting, sawing sheet materials, shaping wood and sawing joints.

This book may be pocket book size, but it’s big on content.

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