Short Masterclasses now released at Wood Dust Australia

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All masterclasses for Wood Dust Australia will take place at the Dunstone Design workshop in Queanbeyan, NSW

Months ahead of time, Wood Dust Australia’s first ever season of Masterclasses is all but booked out. However, Wood Dust is now offering a range of Short Masterclasses. So if you’re reading this now and keen to might want to jump online and book without delay.

WDA advise: ‘These Short Masterclasses provide woodworkers with a range of unique woodworking opportunities featuring a host on international and local woodworking identities including Thomas Lie-Nielsen, Vic Tesolin, Matt Kenney and Robert Howard to name a few. They are a convenient, demonstration-based experience where you can learn new skills directly from the hands of our woodworking masters.’

The classes are held at Dunstone Design in Queanbeyan and run for 2.5 hours. Twenty place are available for each and all equipment and materials are supplied.

Learn more at

Below: A bowl by Hiroshi Yamaguchi who will demonstrate how to prepare traditional Japanese hand tools.


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