• Terry Martin, Pair of Trees, 2015. Photo: Terry Martin.
    Terry Martin, Pair of Trees, 2015. Photo: Terry Martin.

Coming up soon at Bungendore Wood Works Gallery is an exhibition called Trees+ that will feature Terry Martin's latest series of Tree sculptures. Work by Zina Burloiu, a Roumanian engineer and woodcarver who has recently taken part in collaborative exchanges in China and the USA, will also feature. Pastels by Sue Cochrane and pen and ink work by Malcolm Pettigrove will complete this exhibition which is all about celebrating trees.

Below is a video made when I visited Terry in May, just in time to catch him put the finishing touches on one of his Tree sculptures. The trees are crafted from red mallee burl in such a way that the outer creamy coloured part of the burl forms the canopy of the tree.

‘I work by instinct – I don’t have a design…I work to a rough shape because the burls won’t allow me to impose a design on the wood’, he says.

These small sculptures are so beautifully carved that it's hard to imagine the time it takes to create them. When you see what's involved in texturing and sanding them you will understand why.

Terry is passionate about the beauty and importance of trees, and these sculptures are one way he expresses that

For more information about Terry Martin see his website at: terrymartinwoodartist.com

The exhibition will run from October 31 to December 6, 2015, see www.bungendorewoodworks.com.au

Linda Nathan, Wood Review editor

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