Rust remover: soak, rinse, dry

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When Lady Macbeth laments ‘out damn spot’, it could well be any woodworker who has had to face the scourge of rust on their beautiful hand tools and machine surfaces. It just won't go away and keeps coming back. We can all feel a little guilty for neglecting maintenance, buffing and polishing tasks but here’s a product that claims to offer an easy remedy.

No mixing, no scrubbing, no sanding – minus the rust, bare metal never looked so good. That’s the promise of Evapo-Rust, a water-based product that is said to easily remove rust and is non-toxic, non-corrosive and gives off no fumes or bad smells. There's even said to be no need for protective gloves, masks or eyewear.

Evapo-Rust is also said to be bio-degradable and said to be injurious unrusted steel or other metals. It could be worth further investigation from the supplier

Image of tools in vinegar solution: Richard Vaughan


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