Julia Laman, Year 12, MLC School, NSW

Teacher: Tim Sutherland

Radiata pine, 4mm hoop pine plywood

1500mm x 1570mm x 2100mm

The rocking bed was completed for 2014 HSC Design and Technology course. There were many design problems to overcome in its production. How to make the circular legs? How to make the bedheads? How to make it be able to be dismantled and reassemble for transport? The circular ellipse legs had many prototypes before full size mould was made.  There are made in quarters. Each quarter has nine laminated layers of radiata pine, glued with PVA. Each quarter was then dressed, and joined using XL 700 Festool Domino machine using 2 x 140mm dominos. Bed heads were made making a mould out of blue modelling foam and shaped. A vacuum bag was used to bend and laminate 4 x layers of 4mm plywood using cross-linking PVA for the bedheads.

Photos: Julia Layman, Tim Sutherland

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