Power tools that clean up after themselves

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Australian power tool manufacturer Arbortech is all about innovation. This year a major step forward sees the integration of their power carving tool system with the advent of Abortech's Power Carving Unit (PCU), an angle grinder which is specifically designed to maximise the performance of its own tools and accessories.

With the Power Carving Unit comes another breakthrough. Arbortech's chipcatching system is designed to direct chips away from the work area, meaning less clean up time.

Reviewing the PCU in Australian Wood Review issue 103, Andrew Potocnik said: "The combination of the Turbo Plane and the newly developed soft-backed sanding pad opens new horizons, especially coupled with dust trapping capabilities of the vacuum attachment which takes this tool to another level in terms of dust retention."

Learn more about the PCU in the video below, and at this link


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