Pianos Recycled exhibition opens

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Benjamin Reddan, Mittag piano jewellery box made from a Mittag (Germany) piano

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old”
—Peter Drucker, father of management thinking

For the Piano Transformation Challenge, it was both a case of encouraging new thinking and also making something new from something old, that is, an unwanted piano.


Ryan Mischkuling, bluetooth sound box made from a Beale (Australia) piano

In March the circular economy startup Pianos Recycled, supported by the Victorian Woodworkers Association, kicked off a competition for craftspeople who were challenged to imagine, design, and create new objects from piano parts.


Simeon Dux, wall mounted drinks cabinet made from a P. Oswald (Germany) piano

Pianos Recycled’s mission is to stop unwanted pianos ending up in landfill. The challenge was seen as a way to introduce artisans, especially woodworkers, to materials they wouldn’t have previously thought to use in their works.


Nick Carpenter, pianoguitar made from a Becker (Germany) piano

The potential to use centuries-old high-quality old forest European and North American timbers and veneers either alone or with other, non-wood piano parts attracted a lot of interest with ten craftspeople committing to the challenge. Fifteen pieces have been submitted for judging.


Birgit Jordan, chopping board made from a Remington (USA) piano

Pianos Recycled is very pleased with the response to the inaugural challenge. There was a good spread of competition entry types ranging from furniture to instruments, art pieces and sculptures.


Benjamin Reddan, bedside tables made from a Renardi (Germany) piano

An exhibition at the North Melbourne Meat Market is being held for all competitor entries plus many other fine examples of objects created from piano parts and opens on Tuesday, 22 October.

Exhibition items on display that were not entered into the challenge include jewellery, lampshades made from player piano rolls, electric guitars and a reclaimed timber dining room table with piano veneer inlay.

Piano Transformation Challenge Exhibition
Oct 22 – Nov 2, 9am-5pm, 
Meat Market Stables
2 Wreckyn Street, North Melbourne
Website: www.pianosrecyced.eco

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