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The new WoodSolutions website offers design and construction professionals who specify wood and wood products an updated interface, inspirational new content and useful new features, such as bookmarks and map-based supplier locations.

Since it was first launched 5 years ago by Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA), the WoodSolutions website has steadily grown in scope and traffic, attracting some 3,000 visitors each working day, becoming the world’s leading online resource of its kind.

The launch of the new website, with improved navigation and functionality throughout, is part of the organisation’s ongoing commitment to lead the charge in terms of education for the design and build industry relating to wood and wood products and to enhance the quality and availability of information. “The review process was an invaluable exercise,” said Eileen Newbury, national WoodSolutions program manager and national marketing and communications manager for Forest and Wood products Australia (FWPA), “talking to design, development and construction professionals who specify building materials about how they used the old site provided insights that we’ve incorporated into the new website design. The new site will allow our visitors to have a very informative experience”.

The new WoodSolutions site content and features include; new case studies, a user bookmark function, the ability for users to submit case studies, improved site search optimisation for all devices and screen sizes.

Popular content from the old site, such as free downloads of over 40 technical design guides and other publications and the expert advice service have been maintained and improved where identified.

“We are aiming to provide a one-stop online resource for specifiers in the design and build industry from architects to developers and through to the supply channels. Designers can come to the site, identify the materials they need in a case study and source them through the Supplier section,” said Ms Newbury, “we also offer visitors the ability to upload their own case studies, subject to moderation, enabling them to showcase their own projects and services.”

“Interestingly, we see increased opportunities for professionals to register in the Supplier section,” Ms Newbury explained, “it is an ideal avenue for professionals such as architects, engineers, designers and builders who specialise in timber to identify and contact each other – it’s potentially an online networking opportunity!” Supplier listings are free, with the option to provide a short company description, a logo and external link to the supplier’s website.

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