New flesh sensing technology: enter the Saw Shield

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Here’s a new entrant into the flesh sensing sawblade technology arena. Stopping tablesaw and bandsaw blades within milliseconds of flesh proximity is the touted feature of this US technology. The website video notes the technology has been developed and now marketed by ‘Mat’, an aerospace engineer and ‘Wes’ who works in AI and is a lifelong woodworker.

On triggering, the ‘sacrificial’ brake cartridge is destroyed in the process, however their tests showed that after having been ‘subjected to numerous activations, the sawblades were not destroyed and were ready to use’.

The manufacturers claim the units are easy to install and ‘compatible with 10" thin kerf and regular kerf tablesaw blades’. The bandsaw unit is compatible with any blade down to 1/8" wide.

Check out the video and info at:

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