New book: Michael Fortune, Furniture Artist

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Those who know something of the furniture designs and teachings of Canadian designer and master maker Michael Fortune, will be pleased to discover a recently published work that tells the story of his career.

In Michael’s own words: “This book is an overview of my interests. My design process is evident throughout. Every day that I spent in my workshop and the evenings bent over my sketchbook have been incredibly fulfilling.

“My career as a designer, craftsperson and requested instructor has evolved into the perfect pursuit. There are always new forms to explore, techniques to master or sometimes invent; delightfully challenging construction problems to solve with each new commission. And then, of course there is the joy in working with students and interns that are just as passionate as I am about woodworking.

“The content of this book would not be possible without the support of the clients that have allowed me pursue my vision of what furniture might be. This book is the result of the persistent and appreciated effort of John Amdall.

The book has 74 pages, is US letter size, and is available from

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