Maton: Australia’s Guitar

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For guitar lovers and woodworkers Maton: Australia’s Guitar is an exhibition not to be missed. Of course you need be in Sydney or somehow able to get there before October 11 to see this retrospective that surveys the history of a now iconic Melbourne company.

From its garage beginnings, the brand that Bill May founded in 1946 has gone on to meet the challenges of small scale manufacturing and produce over 200 guitar models. The Maton brand is known throughout the world and played by many high profile artists in a range of genres.


Twenty-five years ago a scene from the Maton factory featured on the cover of Australian Wood Review. The cover story of issue 6 was all about Maton began, how it survived and how it was on the cusp of greater production with its then recent acquisition of CNC technology.

The exhibition is free to view at the Powerhouse Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences however bookings are essential. Learn more at this link.

Image: Zan Wimberley

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