Maleny Expo and Wootha prize: back in 2022

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Left to right: Trevor Irvine's Spiral Mirabilis, Tom Black's The Mason and Dawn at Laura Station by Vince Rush.

Not since May 2019, have thousands of people had the pleasure of a woodworking pilgrimage to Maleny in the Queensland Sunshine Coast to partake of all things wood. But now it's time to take note that April 31 – May 2, 2022 are the dates set for the sorely missed Maleny Expo and Sunshine Coast Wootha Prize exhibition.


Left to right: Box by Robin Cromer, Murray Douglas' Don't Move a Muscle and The Pomona Handbag by Allison Woods.

The Expo features an array of demonstrations and displays which range around the Expo theme: 'From Seed to Fine Furniture'. It's also the place to buy timber, tools and machinery, as well as a range of finely crafted items. And it's also the place to attend a variety of workshops and learn about sustainable land management.


Above: Detail of sculpted cabinet by Broc Cattley, and Tension and Flow by Gary Field and Lindsay Muir.

With a $10,000 first prize available, the Sunshine Coast Wootha Prize offers woodworkers the opportunity to enter works created from sustainably harvested Australian timbers from native forests or plantations, recycled or weed timbers. The resulting collection of work is exhibited for the duration of the Expo. In 2022 the theme is 'DoveTails' and the way this may be expressed is open to interpretation. There are three categories, Furniture, Sculpture and a Tiny Treasures category which highlights smaller work.

Images shown here are entries from the Wootha Prize 2019.

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Above: Spiral Mirabilis by Trevor Irvine

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