Maker of the Year Awards: Photo tips for a successful entry

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Above: Byron Raleigh, Chocolate and Vanilla, Femur chairs. Photo: Marc Buckner

AWR Maker of the Year is open for entry with over $15,000 in cash and prizes to be won. Entering competitions can raise your profile and let others enjoy your work, while giving you a goal to work towards.

Entry is simple, upload 5 images to
Good photos will show your work off to best effect. Here’s a few tips:

1. Get set

If your photos are too lo-res we can’t share or print them. Check your settings first.
Below: Roy Schack, Kyoto cabinet. Photo: Jesse Smith


2. Keep your distance

Stay back to avoid distortion but take some close-ups as well.
Below: Douglas Maloney, Askew. Photos: Michael Gordon Hill


3. Isolate your subject

Watch out for distracting backgrounds as they can take away the impact of your piece. Coloured walls and surrounds can also be reflected in polished surfaces. Below: Adam Markowitz, Fred table and Flea chair. Photo: Ben Clement


4. The lighter side

Use a tripod if you can and avoid backlighting, we want to see the wood grain too. Below: Andrew Potocnik, Grid 2, photo by the artist


5. Words too

Don’t forget to include a short description, include materials and relevant details.

We can't wait to see your work and look forward to sharing it on our social and digital media! See here for more information


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