Dust collection on a router table can be problematic however Incra have designed a collector to address this. Made in USA this is a large plastic dust collection box that encases a router fitted to a router table.

Assembly took me about an hour and a bit. Two plastic sections bolt together to form a box around 350 x 380 x 250mm in size. Steel end caps complete the box, one of which can open for access to the router.

The Incra screws to the underside of the router table. There was a large Triton router fitted to my router table and the Incra fitted over it perfectly. However you should check the compatibility of your router table before
buying as you may need an adaptor. I had a Woodpeckers phenolic table and was a bit concerned about tapping and screwing into this. However I was able to use two existing screws on the router stand and drilled the other holes as needed for the supplied self tappers to fix it with no problems. There was a small gap between the incra box and the table surface which means there will be a suction leak, I wondered if this would reduce suction.

The lower mounted 4” dust port connected to my standard sized hose running to my dust extractor. (By the way don’t run your router without the dust extractor running as the router will get hot from lack of air movement.)

So will the Incra CleanSweep do its job?

I vacuumed under and around the router table to see what dust would escape the Incra. With router cutter fitted and dust extractor cranked to the max I routed wood then checked the floor and router stand. Absolutely nothing.

If you’re looking for a clean-up solution for your router table the Incra is an excellent choice. Incra CleanSweep and Woodpeckers router table systems supplied by Professional Woodworkers Supplies,, phone (03) 9776 1521.

First published in AWR#81, Dec 2013.

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