Author: Darrell Peart
Published by: Linden Publishing, Fresno

Published: 2013
Pages: 114
RRP: US$24.95


It’s all in the detail, as they say, and the Greene & Greene style embodies some of the finest. Brothers Charles and Henry Greene were architects and designers whose work became a style in its own right. Another pair of brothers, Peter and John Hall, were the craftsmen who made furniture for them. US maker and author Darrell Peart has specialised in researching and writing about the Greene & Greene style.

As a woodworker, the author has an especially intimate understanding of the details which set Greene & Greene apart. With this book of projects, Peart encourages readers to emulate the G&G style, but also to develop its elements to ‘keep the style alive’.

The Greene & Greene style was influenced by the American Arts and Crafts movement, and also by Japanese style. G&G detailing made a feature of the joinery used, as with for example finger joints that stand proud and show through on drawer fronts and carcase sides. Peart demonstrates how to achieve these constructions.

Ebony pegs (or plugs), splines and slides are key details and are also explained. Techniques for making signature G&G handles such as the arched and block and dowel pulls are given in the book. The book also includes projects for speaker stands and a Seattle mirror frame.

Once again, the author suggests that makers should feel free to incorporate the techniques explained in the book to develop their own designs.

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