Using only material salvaged from a skip, Dane Whiteside makes a surfboard.

A video that shows to make a world out of wood!

With AWR Student Awards we acknowledge the achievements of teachers as well as students. Wood Review Editor Linda Nathan spoke with Jayden Taccori, two of whose students won awards last year.

A massive tree that fell on the road has been saved from wood chipping and is being used as the foundation for workshops, collaborations and an exhibition in the Sunshine Coast, Qld.

A short progress report and introduction to six more entrants.

That feeling when you take the canoe you built yourself out for the first time....

Three years and nine prototypes later, Neil Pace's Floating Project P9 kayaks are built using the stitch and glue technique.

Announcing a new award sponsored by Studio Woodworkers Australia.

Couldn't make it to our Sydney live event last month? All speaker presentations are now available in high resolution online via VIMEO.

In an Australian first, the City of Melbourne has partnered with the University of Melbourne to deliver a brand new course dedicated to the understanding and protection of urban forests.

The Benchcraft range of workbench hardware will soon be available in Australia.

A new collection of turned and carved work by Zina Burloiu and Terry Martin is now on display at Bungendore Wood Works Gallery.

Information about and examples of work by six more talented entrants.

Dangerous Designs have just announced the two winners of bi-monthly $500 prizes.

The timber industry is reaching new heights with cross-laminated timber (CLT) products.