Handmade handsaws now available locally

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It’s an old story. Seeking a better mouse trap, man builds one. In this case though there’s no trap, instead a new and affordable brand of handmade saws for fine woodworkers was born in the USA.

Erik Florip tells it this way: “This business developed out of a love for working with my hands. I started woodworking in 2012 while on active duty in the US Marine Corps. Not long after getting the woodworking bug I started shopping for a handsaw to give dovetails a shot. I found a lot of high price options, but being a hobbyist, I couldn’t justify spending a lot of money on a new handsaw. I opted for an old Disston found at an estate sale. I learned how to sharpen on this saw and was a good user after the restoration. After this I got the idea to try building my own saw…it wasn’t pretty but it worked. I was hooked on tool making.”


Without any experience in tool making, Erik took a deep dive into metallurgy and metalworking and now produces every component of his saws in-house. Without needing to outsource processes, prices are kept down.

Each plate is cut from coiled 1095 spring steel, ground perfectly flat (or taper ground for panel saws), CNC toothed, hand sharpened, and hammer set. All backs are folded brass for the traditional look and ease of installation.

Florip dovetail saws are now available locally in Australia from Professional Woodwork Supplies.

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