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Based in San Francisco, USA, Shaper is a human-involved robotics company that last year launched Origin​TM,​ a handheld power tool with a big difference. By merging computer vision with real-time corrective motor control, Origin is designed for accuracy that’s not reliant on the operator.

The tool is compact and purports to be powerful and intuitive as well as innovative so you can “immediately start creating with greater ease, control and confidence”.

“At Shaper, we imagine a future where humans and robots work together,​” said Joe Hebenstreit, Shaper’s CEO. “​By combining the intuitiveness of handheld tools with the intelligence of machine automation, Origin makes it simple to turn your creative ideas into high-quality, well-crafted products.”

Origin is the first “augmented reality fabrication machine” available to consumers. Using a visual marker system called ShaperTape​,​ the tool creates a map to track its position relative to the workpiece. Origin’s “Tool GPS” detects when you’ve strayed from an intended cutting path and either automatically corrects or prevents error for more precise results.

Unlike traditional handheld powered cutting tools like routers, Origin eliminates the need for physical templates and allows you to ​design directly on a workpiece. Origin enables cuts similar to large-format CNC routers, but at a fraction of the size and cost and without requiring any prior experience.​ And unlike other digital fabrication machines such as 3D printers or laser cutters, ​Origin works with a wide range of materials, is portable, and isn’t limited by print envelope or bed size.

No date has been set for when Origin will be available in Europe and Australia as the current focus is testing and manufacturing for the local US market. The Shaper Team is comprised of designers and engineers with a proven track record of bringing innovative consumer products to market at companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google and Tesla. Learn more below and at shapertools.com




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