Far north Qld timber display centre now in Brisbane

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Above, left to right: Amy Stapleton, Plycon with Kim Dempsey and Merv Waters, Branch 95.

South Brisbane, March 7, 2019: The warmth of wood was all around at the recent launch of Branch 95’s Brisbane display centre at 66 Merivale St, South Brisbane.

Branch 95 is a subsidiary of DTM Timber, a Queensland timber producer well known for the structural hardwoods it supplies to major hardware chains and landscape outlets. Four years of project development and an investment of $30 million is now seeing Branch 95 bring a range of selectively harvested far north Queensland timbers to market.

Timber can be a fashion thing; species and colours in particular go in and out of vogue. Blonde toned timbers are in now, and furniture and joinery from imports such as American oak, walnut and ash are everywhere. These species are undeniably attractive and available in continuous supplies, however in our own backyard we have an incredible palette of timbers that vary widely according to the regions they originate from.


Martin Jones and Ross McKelvie from Brittons Timber Qld with Earl Murray of Proveneer.

With an estimated 5,400 species native to Australia it’s small wonder most of us only recognise let alone utilise a limited number, however our lack of familiarity may be more about availability than preference. Builders, architects, joiners and furniture makers now have access to a growing range of north Qld timbers, many of which have not been commercially available for some time.

Sustainability of this resource is confirmed by PEFC and chain of custody certification. ‘We take five trees per hectare and returning to those sites even only two to three months later it can be hard to see where they were taken from’, said Matt Dempsey, Branch 95 forester.

More information about Branch 95 Specialty Timbers at www.branch95.com.au
Branch 95 species are available from Brittons Timbers, see brittontimbers.com.au

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