• 2018 Drink Dine Design
    2018 Drink Dine Design
  • Stephen Roy (Bell Dining Table)
    Stephen Roy (Bell Dining Table)
  • Andrew Eden (Vessel)
    Andrew Eden (Vessel)
  • Rhys Cooper (POUR Candle Holder)
    Rhys Cooper (POUR Candle Holder)
  • Stephen Roy (Bell Dining Table)
    Stephen Roy (Bell Dining Table)
  • Dean Toepfer (Apres Cart)
    Dean Toepfer (Apres Cart)
  • Stephen Roy (Bell Dining Table)
    Stephen Roy (Bell Dining Table)
  • Hamish Donaldson (Cheese Platter and Dish)
    Hamish Donaldson (Cheese Platter and Dish)

Drink Dine Design Finalists Exhibition

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The 2018 Drink Dine Design Finalists’ exhibition and installation, specially designed by Grieve Gillett Andersen Architects is now showing at the Adelaide Airport, main concourse until 7 November.

The ten finalists of the 2018 Drink Dine Design Award are Chloe Allchurch (Torus Trivet), Aubrey Barnett (Can-I-Store), Rhys Cooper (POUR Candle Holder), Hamish Donaldson (Cheese Platter and Dish), Andrew Eden (Vessel), Thomas Pearson (Font Water Pitcher), Stephen Roy (Bell Dining Table), Bastien Thomas (Pillar Cups), Dean Toepfer (Apres Cart) and Emma Young (Aussie Treats and Cake Cloches).

Focusing on South Australia’s reputation for great food, wine and dining experiences, the Drink Dine Design Award supports and promotes emerging designers and showcases innovative and exciting product design ideas to enhance the experience of consuming food and wine.

For the second consecutive year, JamFactory has collaborated with Grieve Gillett Andersen Architects on the construction of the Drink Dine Design Finalist installation and bar.

Made up of 1,500 KINK Oil Bottle packaging tubes and secured by 3,500 stationary clips, the 1.8M long bar, 2 exhibition platforms and 1.4M high wall has been carefully considered with its environmental impact at the forefront of the design process.

“Continuing with our ‘zero waste’ approach to the project last year, where we used JamFactory’s cardboard packing boxes, this time we have used cardboard cylinders to design a multi-level platform, where the materials can be reused afterwards to package the KINK oil bottles made at the JamFactory,” says Project Architect, Tom Doull.

“By employing an everyday material to create a visual impact, we draw people’s attention to the exhibition through the patterns made by repetition, while at the same time providing a subtle backdrop that puts the finalist’s design pieces on centre stage.”

After transforming into an Applewood Distillery pop up gin bar at the Hot 100 Wines SA Awards in December, the installation will be dismantled and completely reused by JamFactory's production department.

The 2018 Drink Dine Design Award was judged by Graham Charbonneau and Dave Bickmore - Founders of studio-gram; Simon Kardachi – Restaurateur including Shobosho, Osteria Oggi, Press, Melt and Maybe Mae; Jock Zonfrillo - Chef and Owner of Orana Restaurant; and Daniel To and Emma Aiston - Creative Directors Product & Retail, JamFactory / DANIEL - EMMA.

The winner of the Drink Dine Design Award will receive a $3,000 cash prize and $500 will be awarded to the winner of The Adelaide Review People's Choice Award for the most popular piece in the exhibition at Adelaide Airport. The winners will be announced at a special event celebrating the Hot 100 South Australian Wines in December.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition at the Adelaide Airport, Icons South Australia in collaboration with Hot 100 South Australian Wines, will be serving wine tastings at the Drink Dine Design Bar every Wednesday and Friday from 4-7PM.

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