David Trubridge: Masterclass and Lecture

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In February 2018 acclaimed designer David Trubridge will teach a two day masterclass at the Centre for Fine Woodworking, Nelson and will also present a public talk called "Beauty Matters". At time of writing the masterclass is almost fully booked.

This talk is for anyone who has an interest in the creative process, and those whose love of nature makes them worry at our abuse of the environment.

"Beauty is a fundamental expression of our humanity, of who we are, and if we deny beauty we deny our humanity....and our future".

Essentially a meditation on our relationship with the natural world, the talk shows how our idea of beauty grew out of that relationship and why it matters so much today. David builds on the writing of well known thinkers, adding his own thoughts about the origin of beauty and its role in the creative process on which he has a unique take. He follows Western culture from cave art, through to the rational and romantic cycles of the past 2500 years.

It is not a sentimental look back at better bygone days, but a contemporary take on the human condition, written by someone who cares deeply, and who lives by these beliefs at work and play.

David Trubridge has become widely celebrated for his innovative, environmentally sensitive qualities; his fascination with nature has led him to develop collections which are inspired by flora, fauna and formations within the landscape. These include lighting, furniture, large scale commissions and sculptural pieces which are all designed with longevity in mind and integrity at their core. David holds a strong belief in educating and encouraging the next generation of designers.

In 2008 the French magazine Express listed him as one of the top 15 designers in the world, and in 2012 the Pompidou Centre in Paris purchased his ’Icarus’ installation for its permanent collection.

For more information contact the Centre for Fine Woodworking via www.cfw.co.nz

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