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Dangerous Designs

WoodSolutions has recently launched a national design competition in the fields of design, architecture, interior design, furniture and object making. There will be four categories: Eat, Sleep & Play | Go | Work | Build.

There are bi-monthly prizes as well as the $10,000 Dangerous Designs Annual Prize of $10,000 cash will be awarded to the judges’ selection from the winning bi-monthly entries submitted in year to September 30th 2017. The prize will be announced at the Australian Timber Design Awards.

Through the competition WoodSolutions will be contacting with producers/ manufacturers/ builders with the aim to help designers to commercialise products submitted for the Dangerous Designs competition.

WoodSolutions has initiated the competition to give students, emerging and established designers a great chance in getting their products and creations known and commercially viable. All designers will retain ownership of their entry’s intellectual property, and can answer any enquiries about commercialising their design.

Popular choice voting for the People’s Sur(prize) will be carried out via the Dangerous Design Comp Instagram and Facebook pages.

For more information head to www.dangerousdesigns.com.au

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