Countdown to Wooden Boat Festival

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The MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival is a remarkable Tasmanian event that attracts significant international attention, the Chairman of the Australian Wooden Boat Festival, Mr Steve Knight said today.

“With less than five weeks to go before the four-day festival commences on Friday 10 February 2017, there is a flurry of activity and excitement around the world as participants finalise their contributions and travel plans,” he said.

“Six Dutch boat-building students and their instructor are already beavering away over 17,000 kms from their homes in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, building a traditional Dutch sail boat from Tasmanian timber at the Wooden Boat Centre in Franklin,” Mr Knight said.

“This boat, a BM16m2, will be completed and launched as part of the festival which has a Dutch theme celebrating the 375th anniversary of the discovery of our island by the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman.

“An exhibition currently on display at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Through Tasman’s Eyes, is a forerunner of a much larger exhibition, exploring Tasman’s exploits in greater detail, that will be held in the TMAG’s Lower Bond Store during the festival.

“The container ship CMA CGM Puccini has just arrived in Australia with two containers filled with traditional boats and other goodies from the Netherlands, all of which will add to the festival’s Dutch flavour.

“On both coasts of America, world experts are preparing their presentations for the International Wooden Boat Symposium and renowned maritime photographer Ben Mendlowitz is gathering his best shots to explain his mastery in capturing the beauty of wooden boats.”

Mr Knight said that across most Australian states, boats selected for 2017 MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival from the hundreds of applications received, are undergoing make-overs by their proud owners to ensure they are at their sparkling best for the festival.

“And of course here in Tasmania our team of dedicated workers and volunteers are completing plans for the four days of water-front excitement covering every aspect of the festival from the ships, boats and models which are the star attractions, to food and beverage, entertainment, the International Wooden Boat Symposium, associated art and cultural exhibitions and the maritime marketplace which alone dwarfs many of Australia’s bigger boat shows,” he said.

The MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival is held on Hobart’s waterfront from 10 to 13 February 2017. It’s free, fun and friendly. For more information visit


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