Carb-I-Tool: Truly Australian Owned

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There would not be many woodwork shops in Australia that don’t contain router and drill bits and many other forms of tooling created by Carb-i-tool Australia Pty Ltd. A true Australian company success story, Carb-i-tool was founded in 1974 in Victoria where it continues today to produce quality tooling that many rely on on a daily basis. The company was established by Neil Hamilton who was joined by his sons and sons-in-law to manage and develop the business.

On July 1, 2018 it the acquisition of Carb-i-tool by another great Australian company became official. Sutton Tools began in 1917 also as a family enterprise and now produce a broad portfolio of cutting tools for manufacturing, electronic, automotive, medical, mining and power generation industries. The acquisition of Carb-i-tool signals an expansion into the woodworking industry and a new stage of growth.

Production of the Carb-i-tool range will continue at Moorabbin in Victoria under the current team and continue to develop in line with the company’s recent investment in CNC manufacturing technology.

Woodworking division sales manager Mark Hamilton commented that it was ‘time for a new era’, noting that Sutton Tools will refresh the brand and take it to an even wider clientele.

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