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If building, renovating and just general DIY with wood is your thing Wood Solutions offer a comprehensive range of publications which are free to download.

The latest in the series is No.41: Timber Garden Retaining Walls. The beauty and practicality of these structures is well recognised, however poor design or an inappropriate selection of materials can lead to reduced longevity. In this new WoodSolutions design guide, readers will discover an easy-to-use, free resource that will enable them to successfully design and build retaining walls of up to 1m in height.

Written for both design and landscaping professionals and ambitious DIY’ers, the guide begins with an explanation of the 1m limit. Local authorities generally do not require building approval or an engineer’s certification for retaining walls up to 1 metre high, although there are exceptions, detailed in the guide.

The body of the publication is devoted to a discussion of design, materials and construction details. Useful information includes tables showing recommended spans, post depths and fixing details. These are complemented by drawings of typical construction systems, including connections, drainage, backfill and other functional elements.

The role of timber, the types of timber available and how to specify or purchase them are central to the value of the guide for designers and builders. The properties of popular wood species and material types are explained, as are the various forms of treatment that can be applied to enhance durability.

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