Bridge City Tool Works Changes Hands

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Above: Jack Xu (left) with John Economaki.

News came recently from US tool manufacturers Bridge City Tool Works concerning a change of ownership.

On June 8, 2018 writing from his ‘man-cave office’ situated nearby the ‘tool zoo’ display of all the tools made by that company over the course of 30 years, BCTW founder John Economaki advised of the big change.

Losing key staff in January this year had hastened John’s thoughts of retirement. Fortuitously, the very next day, a buyer appeared who bought the company's entire ‘tool zoo’ collection.

John established BCTW in 1983 and quickly developed a reputation for innovative design based on his own personal passion. For John running a business was a necessary evil. ‘For me, BCTW has always been a vehicle to passionately express new ideas and concepts—that nobody wants to buy—using tools as a canvas. Unfortunately, I had to run this business to live my dream.’

John advised that complete ownership of BCTW has now passed to Jack Xu at Harvey Industries a company that had held an international licensing agreement with BCTW and have been OEM manufacturers for many years.

In transition BCTW will fulfill pre-orders and remain open until January 1, 2019. According to his blog post, John Economaki will remain involved with quality control, maintain his blog and for a time continue designing tools.

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