Blue Spruce Toolworks become subsidiary of Woodpeckers

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A recent announcement from Dave Jeske, Blue Spruce Toolworks founder and tool designer, reveals the next phase in this innovative and high quality brand’s development.

"It has been almost fifteen years since I started Blue Spruce Toolworks in my garage shop. My passion has always been design and bringing new and fresh ideas to the woodworking hand tool community. From day one, I have been encouraged and overwhelmingly supported by everyone including family, friends, customers, fellow tool makers and the internet community.

"I have been blessed to have Blue Spruce Toolworks grow into a company that serves woodworkers all over the world. I want to share with you the next phase of the company. Blue Spruce Toolworks is now a subsidiary of Woodpeckers, LLC – an Ohio based company that has much greater manufacturing capability than I could ever dream of and a commitment to quality that is world class. They have been making high quality woodworking tools for over thirty years. Woodpeckers and Blue Spruce Toolworks have always shared the same values and uncompromising commitment to make the highest quality tools on the market, and we are excited about this new chapter.

"There will be a transition time as manufacturing moves to Strongsville, Ohio. I will stay in Sandy, Oregon to do research and development of new woodworking tools. Blue Spruce Tools will continue to be of the highest quality – made in the same location, by the same skilled people. Eventually, manufacturing will be split between our shop in Oregon, and Ohio, where Woodpeckers has invested in machinery and engineering minds to craft some beautiful heirloom quality products – but the two brands will remain separate.

"It is always an honor to serve and interact with my customers and I am looking forward to this new phase. Thanks again for all the support and we hope you continue to follow us as we work on some new products!"

The September issue of Australian Wood Review contains reviews of Blue Spruce's new fretsaw and layout tools.

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