Author: Doug Stowe
Published by: The Taunton Press
Published: 2014
Pages: 170
RRP: $34.99


Beautiful Boxes, Design and Technique is another of Doug Stowe’s insightful explorations of this specialised area of woodworking.

Stowe talks about creating ‘toe-turners’, boxes that grab a buyer’s attention. Assuming technical demands have been met, how can makers convey a sense of good design and beauty? To this end each chapter of the book demonstrates the making of a box that will illustrate the necessary design principles or elements.

Boxes presented include swivel-lid, lift lid, veneered, jewellery, bracelet, finger-jointed chest and a ‘magnetic tower’. Each is comprehensively explained with step-by-step text and detail shots that cover every stage of design and making.

The author presents a balanced use of hand tools and machinery, along with information on making basics such as shooting boards and mitre sleds.

This is a book for beginners that will build both technique and design awareness.

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