AWR Studio Furniture 2018: Meet the Entrants 3

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This is the third in a series of updates introducing some of the talented entrants in AWR Studio Furniture 2018, an exhibition produced in partnership with Bungendore Wood Works Gallery, NSW.

The deadline for entry is June 24. Shortlisted entrants will be invited to exhibit their work at Bungendore Wood Works Gallery. The exhibition opens Oct 20, 2018 and runs until Jan 31, 2019.

Designer makers all over the world are invited to enter by uploading six images of past work and including a short bio in the "Entry Description field". There is an $80 fee to enter.

Daniel Poole, Coburg, Vic


Daniel Poole aspires to create furniture that reflects a true synergy between design and workmanship, where neither process dictates the other, but rather allows for dialogue between the two – the result of which is balanced and considered work that deliver both aspects in perfect unison. He creates standalone pieces that are born of their environment and from the ideas of those who live within them.

Christopher Neal, Nowra, NSW


Christopher Neal is a designer and maker based in Wollongong and working out of Nowra, NSW, creating original and custom fine furniture and timber homewares from sustainably sourced and certified timber. "I want to craft furniture that transcends practicality, create functional works of art to be admired and considered, pieces that combine simplicity of design with elaborate and precise detailing that will provoke thought and discussion. Every piece I make embodies the journey from concept to completion – the hours of dedication, the challenges and the moments of elation. My hope is that the pieces I make will live on in the heart of people’s homes and lives for generations."

Simeon Dux, Melbourne, Vic


Simeon Dux  With 14 years experience as a woodworker, Simeon's passion is to craft unique, handmade furniture and decor using traditional techniques. Sim uses high quality and environmentally sustainable materials wherever possible, coupled with time-tested joinery and craftsmanship, to create heirloom quality furniture. He is interested in and influenced by Japanese, Scandinavian and American design. Sim also works as an instructor at the Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking.

Damion Fauser, Darra, Qld


Damion Fauser served in the Royal Australian Air Force for 20 years, and is now a Brisbane based designer-maker of fine timber furniture and homewares. Influenced by Oriental and Scandinavian themes, his work is contemporary and often includes decorative details to draw the eye around the flow of a piece or to highlight exposed joinery. Damion is always looking for new ways to develop his skills and redefine the realms of possibility in this craft. He views his participation in an exhibition as a vehicle to showcase new ideas and developments in his work.

Kianmehr Ehtiatkar, Minneapolis, USA


Trading as Kaashi Furniture in Minneapolis, USA Kianmehr Ehtiatkar crafts furniture with inspiration from Persian design and calligraphy. The piece shown here is a live edge cherry bench, made with mid-century modern legs and the wood sourced from local wood suppliers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The leg structure is inspired from Katai Kagu dogu and the decorative keys made of walnut.

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