AWR L!VE 2018: The Wrap-up

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August 4, 2018: On this particular Saturday afternoon in Sydney you could definitely feel the buzz in the room...AWR L!VE was electric in fact. Great theme, great speakers, great presentations and discussion!

A huge thanks to everyone who attended and channeled their energy into the event. An equally huge thanks to our wonderful and generous sponsors who invest in our industry and woodworkers in general by supporting ‘out of the shed’ events which aim to inspire and extend skills.

AWR L!VE was made possible by Felder Group Australia, 3M Australia, Promac Tools, Tormek, Responsible Wood and Wood Solutions.

The premise of AWR L!VE’s Tools For Design theme was that in general, woodworkers spend way more time on the making side of things and need to even up the equation by skilling up on design.

Each of our five amazing speakers talked about their toolkit for design, and in so doing came at the theme on a variety of levels.

Roy Schack brought it down to a trilogy of hand, head and heart that guided his creative output, while respected Emeritus Professor Helmut Lueckenhausen took us on a journey laced with personal insights through the stages of his woodwork and design career.

Laura McCusker explored over two decades worth of her public and private commissions to distill a select list of principles which have guided her. Ben Percy is the teacher you might wish you’d had, the one that says ‘yes, you can design’ and then gives a structured pathway. Adam Markowitz also sent out that message with more clear and pointed advice on how to take your design work to another level.

In the gallery above you can get a feel for the event. In the coming weeks we will be offering some video recordings of the speaker presentations.

Photos: Tim Levy

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