Absolute Beginner? Here's How to Start Woodworking

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Above: Brisbane Carbatec team member Graeme Hunt takes makeit class attendees through the process of crafting a serving tray.

For many people, embarking on a new skill can be daunting. You might be an expert in other fields, but as a newbie you can feel totally lost at sea. You can rise to the challenge on your own, or seek out an assisted passage, ie find a place where others can show you how.

‘I firmly believe people are made to make stuff – it’s what we humans do, and in this IT-driven world it’s more important than ever that we learn to use our hands’, said Simon Lowe, CEO of specialist woodworking supplier Carbatec, admitting his strong belief was a personal crusade.


‘Over the last 12 months we’ve put considerable resources into researching our market. We know that often times people buy tools and equipment from us but then feel defeated when they get back home. Without basic knowledge they simply don’t know where to start.’

The findings of this research has driven the creation of a new series of entry level, project-based skill-building workshops. Currently these are on offer only in the Wakerley, Brisbane store with potential for a national roll-out after March in 2018.


Each makeit workshop focuses on making a specific project that introduces fundamental skills. The classes are accessible, affordable and a great way for absolute and even not-so-absolute beginners to get started. With an entree into the world of woodworking, it’s then possible to extend self-learning, or seek out a teacher for short or ongoing tuition.


At the end of a four hour class the idea is you come away with not only a completed a serving platter, grinder, stool, table centrepiece, shelf or spoon, but in essence a whole lot more, a skillset that can be built on.

More information from www.carbatec.com.au

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