Video: How to Sharpen a Card Scraper

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When woodworker, wood author and hand tool expert Vic Tesolin says: ‘Our wildest timbers are your mildest timbers’, he’s making a point for the clear benefits of using card scrapers.

The ‘ours’ and ‘yours’ comparison derives from the fact that Vic Tesolin is Canadian and, along with Wally Wilson, was recently in Australia and New Zealand as representatives of the Veritas Tools team that gave presentations at over 16 tour stops.

Naturally the bias was towards Veritas tools but information sessions covered not only the design and development work carried out at HQ, but also some of the basics of hand tool usage.

In this video Vic gives a great demonstration of how to sharpen a card scraper.

The Veritas Downunder Tour was organised by Maxis Distribution and Carbatec.


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