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The natural edge of a coolabah burl highlights the lid of this turned box.

Crossed edge-lap joinery is an attractive and satisfying solution for a bed frame that easily disassembles. Story by Vic Tesolin.

Finger joints and contrasting timber are combined in an attractive and functional storage unit. Story by Graham Sands.

Damion Fauser describes how to add space saving elegance to your cabinetry.

Precise instructions from Neil Erasmus for creating decorative strips of constrasting timbers that can be used to custom detail your work.

Susan Wraight is an internationally renowned carver of netsuke and here shows the process of carving one of her pieces.

Carl Jacobsen turns, sands, oils and otherwise transforms a ball into a bowl.

Rust is the enemy of fine woodwork, but there are ways of winning the war.

Richard Vaughan fights back against plastic with the rattle he made for his newest niece.

Robert Howard shows how to carve a complex and fragile natural form.

Charles Mak shows how to de-stress your assembly and glue-up situations.

Next to developing good sharpening techniques, I would reckon that solid joinery marking skills are the next to master, says Vic Tesolin.

Changes to abrasives and backings, not to mention some handy tips really can make hand sanding an enjoyable task, writes Richard Vaughan.

Figuring out the right angles for legs and stretchers and then drilling mortises for them is easier than you think, writes Peter Young.

A few tools and branch timbers are all you need to get started carving eating spoons.