How to wrap grain around your box forms

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These ebony and sycamore boxes by Damion Fauser show how grain wrapping can elevate a simple construction. Photo: Frank J. Pronesti

Words: Damion Fauser
Process photos: Donovan Knowles

Once you’ve achieved the kind of accurate mitred corner joinery shown in my article at this link why not go the extra mile and add the visual appeal of wrap-around grain to the sides of your boxes and trays?


1. To achieve a four-corner match, start by resawing a thicker board in half right down the middle.


2. Fold the two halves back over on themselves inside out. Make a reference mark so you can re-orient the pieces in this fashion after machining the bandsaw marks out.


3. With the ends of your boards precisely aligned, mark one long and one short face on one half, and the opposite short and long face on the other half. Now cut your mitre joints so that what used to be the outside of the stock is now the inside face of each component. The grain will now wrap around all four corners.

Damion Fauser is a regular contributor to Australian Wood Review magazine. Learn more at

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