Boxmaking live stream with Col Hosie

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If you missed out on the comprehensive instructional live stream videos offered by Gifkins Dovetail it’s not too late. Links and a brief synopsis are below. As you’ll see, the information on boxmaking covered by trained educator and expert woodworker Col Hosie in real time covers a range of fundamentals as well as finer points.

If you’ve already seen the company promo you can skip the first minute before Col Hosie teaches you how to make a desktop box in his pleasantly relaxed style. The videos illustrate the use of the Gifkins jig and also include loads of basic woodworking knowledge. This is a great resource for beginners and those who are always interested to pick up new tips.

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See what you missed below and subscribe to the Gifkins Dovetail channel for notification so you can watch part 4 live stream and even join in the chat as Col completes the box.

Part 1 Measuring, marking carcase components, cutting joinery with a dovetail jig.

Part 2 Machining and fitting the box base, cutting feet into the bottom of the frame and gluing up the carcase.

Part 3 Cleaning up and sanding the carcase, separating the lid, shooting mitres on box sleeves, making a false floor for baize.

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