WoodRiver Digital Thickness Gauge

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Reviewed by Linda Nathan

Anything that comes in a sturdy plastic storage case instantly gets my vote however inspection and test usage was the aim.
This is a simple to operate thickness gauge. The frame is powder coated steel and the mechanism is lever operated. Turn it on, zero the reading, depress the lever to open the jaws and slide the gauge over the workpiece and release the lever. Do that and you’ll get a large display reading in millimetres or inches (0.001mm/0.00005”) as selected.


The WoodRiver gauge is a convenient handheld tool to operate for boards up to 25.65mm (one inch) in thickness. You can reach in up to 35mm from the edge of the board.

It’s worth considering if those parameters suit the kinds of work you do. Supplied with an SR44 battery. Currently available for $137.50.
Review tool supplied by www.woodworksupplies.com.au

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