Kunstmade folding brass ruler

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Review and photo: Raf Nathan

We tend to take a simple tool like a ruler for granted and yet a whole piece can be ruined if the measurements are out.

Christian Groves in Melbourne developed his Kunstmade 600mm folding ruler following a request from Wellington Steelworks in Tasmania who were looking for a high quality metric ruler for blacksmiths. Made from brass it won’t discolour when heated, and it’s easy to find in the dark environment of a blacksmith’s shop.

For woodworkers this ruler is also highly valid. An accurate 600mm long ruler is perfect for layout work and precise set-outs in the workshop, and that length does cover most workshop jobs.

Examining the ruler, I paused to consider how hard it is to get a ruler to fold over and still be exact in its length. Made of solid brass the Kunstmade ruler is crisply engraved and finished. Critical is the very neat screw hinge that it pivots on, and the fully extended the ruler was perfect over its entire length when checked against a reference ruler. Having a centre hinge means you can’t lay it flat but you can use it on its edge for a precise marking, and for quick measuring laid flat it is fine.

The Kunstmade ruler is very well made, perfect in fact, although possibly if the engraving was paint filled it would be better for woodwork. The ruler is marked on both sides with graduations in 1, 5 and 10mm increments. Each ruler is hand finished by the maker. This locally made tool is the total package – well designed and well made.

Learn more about Kunstmade at www.kunstmade.com.au

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